Association for the Advance of Hypnosis Experimental and Applied

The goals of this association are the following:


  1. To promote the advance of scientific, experimental, and applied knowledge of hypnosis, always at the service of the person who is going to receive the intervention.
  2. To spread the scientific knowledge of hypnosis both among professionals and researchers trained to apply it, and among the public and users in general.
  3. To bring together professionals from different countries who are interested and involved in experimental and applied hypnosis.
  4. To promote the interdisciplinary cooperation both within and outside the Association to share knowledge and promote the development of scientific research of hypnosis, as well as its professional practice based on scientific evidence.
  5. To promote the training of specialists in hypnosis so that they use it as an adjunct to the professional work for which they are officially qualified.
  6. To promote and develop programs of formal continuing training given by professionals officially accredited in their specialty.
  7. To raise public and media awareness about the following aspects:
    • The usefulness of scientific research of hypnosis and its application according to the available scientific evidence.
    • The relevance of scientific research on hypnosis to promote an efficacious, efficient, and non-iatrogenic practice and application of it.
    • The importance that professionals who apply hypnosis only use it for the purposes for which they are professionally qualified and within the limitations of their professional work.
    • The necessity of obtaining information about the credentials, training, and scientific evidence justifying the practice of a professional to whom the user is going to request his/her services including hypnosis.
  8. To offer advice to public and private institutions about the scientific research and the application of hypnosis.
  9. To be a watch space enabled to collect requests, claims, and needs, and to promote solutions.
  10. To collaborate with those institutions and associations, both public and private national and international, pursuing similar or complementary aims to ours.
  11. To become a member and collaborate with those societies and forums promoting the development of the goals of this association.